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Best Jar Opener For Arthritis

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best jar opener for arthritis is then I’d recommend Kichwit Jar Opener as the best one.

If you’ve ever struggled to pop the seal on a tight jar lid, you know how frustrating it is to do a seemingly effortless and everyday task. Now, consider how difficult it might be for someone with joint pain like arthritis.

I remember all the problems my grandmother used to have opening jars due to her arthritis. I always thought that it was just part of being old, but as someone with occasional joint pain, I even struggle to open jars frequently.

In this review, I discuss some of the best jar openers for people with arthritis and share my top pick, so you can find an opener that takes the struggle out of removing lids.

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Do You Need a Jar Opener?

Most jar lids are tight, and that’s a good thing because it means our food is safe. Whether you purchase food in jars from a store or can your own sauces and soups, a tight lid can be challenging, annoying, and even dangerous.

There are plenty of “tricks and tips” for opening up a jar lid, but sometimes they don’t work, and you might end up with broken glass. Hate waiting around for that one family member or friend to come and help you open a jar? A jar opener is always nice to have on hand whether you have arthritis or not.

Is the Lid Too Tight or Do You Have Joint Problems?

I’m not here to offer a diagnosis, but I do like to help people become more aware of their health and feel comfortable addressing any health concerns. Not being able to open a tight jar lid doesn’t automatically mean that you have joint issues like arthritis, but it may be one of the many signs that you have arthritis.

When many of us think of arthritis, we think of achy joints and the elderly population, like our grandparents. Arthritis affects millions of people, young and old, and several types of arthritis can affect all areas of the body. One of the most commonly affected areas include the hands. You may have arthritis if you experience:

  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Increase of any symptoms during stress, weather changes, or as you age

Joint pain and stiffness can affect how well your hands work or how strong your grip is; these issues can ultimately make easy tasks like opening a jar more difficult.

Things To Consider When Buying a Jar Opener for Arthritis

If you’ve already done a little shopping around for jar openers, you probably noticed that there are dozens on the market. Before I share my review of the best jar opener for arthritis, there are a few things to consider before you buy an opener.


Most jar openers are designed to open lids between one and three inches. If you need something that opens small or larger than standard sizes, the opener may not be as arthritis-friendly.


When shopping around for jar openers, it’s best to look for durable materials like stainless steel that are resistant to rust. Some plastic and padding are common but make sure to follow the washing and care instructions to ensure the longevity of the opener.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the top priorities of a jar opener for people with arthritis. It’s important to remember that even if a jar opener has an arthritis-friendly design, it may be too difficult for someone with severe arthritis to use.

Kichwit Jar Opener

The Kichwit Jar Opener is made of stainless steel, which makes it one of the more durable arthritis jar openers on the market. The opener is designed to adjust to the size of your jar cover, between 1 and 3.7 inches, to ensure a tight grip. The Kichwit also works well for opening small water bottles, and the device is effective on plastic or metal twist-off covers.

Kichwit’s handle has an ergonomic design, which is important for people with arthritis in their hands, and the hard plastic handle is easy to clean. Where other can and jar openers are heavy and clunky, the Kichwit jar opener weighs a little over four ounces. Since the jar opener doesn’t take up too much space and isn’t heavy, it’s an excellent choice for someone who wants to take a jar opener with them wherever they go.

To use the opener, you adjust the clamp to fit the lid, place the opener on the lid, turn the handle of the opener counterclockwise until the steel teeth “grip” the lid. Keep in mind that you need to hold the hand firmly with your other hand.


  • Rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy-to-use and portable
  • Fits most common-sized lids
  • Comes with a keychain bottle opener


  • Requires extra care to prevent or corrosion
  • You need to use both hands to use the opener
  • May be too challenging for someone with severe arthritis

EZ Off Jar Opener

While jar openers are an excellent addition to any kitchen, the one downside is that this useful device takes up drawer space. If you’re looking for a jar opener that won’t use up space, the EZ Off Jar Opener is easy to install and fits conveniently underneath your cabinet or countertop.

The jar opener is a hard plastic disk, which has a “V” shape and dual rows of metal teeth on one side. To use the jar opener, you place the jar lid in the “V” until the teeth tightly grip the lid and turn the jar until the lid loosens.

The EZ Off opener fits nearly all sizes of lids and is ready to use after a quick installation. Find a flat spot in your kitchen, such as underneath an upper cabinet. Pull the adhesive paper from the back of the opener, press the opener onto the surface, and secure with screws.


  • Space-saving and out-of-sight jar opener
  • Fits most sizes of lids
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t require you to use both hands
  • Sharp teeth grips lids tightly


  • Installation may not be ideal for every kitchen
  • The jar may fall if you don’t have a tight grip
  • Teeth an opener may damage the lid

VOOCO Electric Jar Opener

Electric jar openers have been a staple in kitchens for decades, but many of them are bulky, take up counter space, and require an outlet. The VOOCO Electric Jar Opener is compact and battery operated, which uses two-AA batteries. The opener has a magnet that attaches to the lid, inner jaws that grip the lid, and outer jars that help keep the jar upright while the opener loosens the lid.

The opener works on jars with lids between one and three inches, and because the opener relies on a magnet to help grip the lid, the lid opener works best on metal lids. To use the opener, put the bottle on a flat surface, press the button to activate the inner and outer jaws. The jar opener rotates around the jar lid and loosens the seal.


  • Compact and battery-operated
  • Fits most common-sized jars
  • Hands-free opener
  • Tight grip
  • Doesn’t take up counter space


  • Odd-shaped jars require the use of your hands
  • May be difficult to use and fit on jars
  • Not the best option for plastic lids

Leifheit Extra Wide Stainless Steel Lid and Jar Opener

With the Leifheit Stainless Steel Lid and Jar Opener, you don’t need to worry about any cheap plastic parts that might break off after prolonged use. The Leifheit opener has two sets of steel “teeth” to ensure a solid grip on a variety of lid sizes.

To use the opener, you simply open the hinge until the teeth fit firmly along the lid. You need to grip both metal handles in your hand to form a tight hold on the jar. Turn the handles in the same direction as you do when opening a jar and the lid will loosen very easily.

Although the Leifheit is heavy-duty and is designed to loosen the lid on most jars, it may not be the best option for someone with severe arthritis as a tight grip is required on the handles to use the device effectively.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits most common-sized jars
  • Two sets of metal teeth ensure a solid grip on the lid
  • Loosens the tightest of lids


  • Larger lids result in a more difficult grip on handles
  • Need to hold the jar in your other hand to avoid tipping over the jar
  • Not the best option for severe arthritis

Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener

Swing-A-Way is one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of can and lid openers in the U.S. While there are dozens of reputable brands on the market, Swing-A-Way continues to be a favorite because their designs are durable and easy-to-use.

The Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener measures 7.5 inches and takes up very little space in your kitchen drawers. Made of stainless steel and soft cushion grips on the handles, it’s easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance, unlike electric openers.

To use the opener, place the opener across the jar lid and squeeze the handles together to form a tight grip. The spring-loaded handle does most of the work as you grip the handles together. Once you have a secure grip, turn the lid as you normally would to loosen it.


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Space-saving design
  • Spring-loaded power
  • Fits most lids
  • Ratchet-design instantly adjusts to lid size


  • A tight grip is needed to hold handles
  • Handles are short and may provide an awkward grip
  • The opener damages some lids

The Best Jar Opener for Arthritis – My Pick

With dozens of high-quality jar openers on the market, it’s difficult to pick “just one” that’s suitable for someone with varying degrees of arthritis. As someone who experiences severe joint pain in my hands one day and little to nothing the next, I need a jar opener that will only work on my bad days.

My top pick for best jar opener for arthritis is the Kichwit Jar Opener. Not only does it fit a variety of jar lids, but it works on plastic or metal lids. Even though I need to use a grip to turn the handle on the opener, the handle is ergonomic and not too challenging on days when I’m experiencing a flare-up.

The Kichwit is small enough to toss in my purse, and it’s come in handy many times, whether I’m at work, a potluck, or on vacation. Even people who don’t struggle with arthritis purchased this opener after trying it out. It’s an invaluable tool to have in your kitchen whenever you need to open a tight jar lid.